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5 Classes You Must Take at DTS

What’s a blog without an idiosyncratic count-down list? Oh well. Bearing in mind this is just one person’s perspective, I hope it will help someone with their future course selections. Good dollars deserve good teaching, and good teaching deserves good … Continue reading

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The University of Virginia: Wahoowa!

Karisa and I are moving to Charlottesville!! I have accepted an offer of admission from UVA’s Department of Religious Studies, which has offered me a tuition-free, fully-funded invitation to join its “Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity” doctoral program. The goal … Continue reading

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Are You God’s Money?

And have you wandered away from the treasury? Those are the questions Augustine wants us to think about in his reflections on Mark 12:13-17. Mark 12:13-17 and parallels record a controversy between Jesus and the Pharisees and Herodians, in which … Continue reading

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The (Continued) Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

The scandal of the evangelical mind, as an influential book by Mark Noll pointed out, is that “there is not much of one.” Noll indeed got at a very real issue: many evangelicals (including famous pastors and influential seminary professors … Continue reading

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More Mumford: “Babel”

In honor of Mumford & Sons winning the Grammy for “Best Album” last night for Babel (2012), I thought it might be worthwhile to consider the biblical allusions in the title track “Babel.” Babel is, in our English Bibles, the name for … Continue reading

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Should Christians Sell Everything?

Some popular-level Christian writers have recently argued that modern-day Christians should emulate the early church in selling all of their possessions and giving to the poor. This is based in part on their interpretation of the description of the nascent … Continue reading

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Making Peace with the Bible

Ever been concerned about inconsistencies or discrepancies in the Bible? I’ve recently come across a memorable quotation from Cyril of Alexandria (c. 376-444). Interesting how he connects the ethic of the Sermon on the Mount to the hermeneutics of biblical … Continue reading

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