The University of Virginia: Wahoowa!

photomain2cKarisa and I are moving to Charlottesville!! I have accepted an offer of admission from UVA’s Department of Religious Studies, which has offered me a tuition-free, fully-funded invitation to join its “Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity” doctoral program.

The goal will be to complete this program in 5 years: 3 years of coursework, 1 year of preparing for comprehensive exams and writing a dissertation proposal, and 1 year of writing the dissertation. What makes UVA’s program somewhat unique is that they require coursework and comps in Hebrew Bible (OT), Rabbinics, NT, and Patristics – quite a lot! I’ll serve the department as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for seven semesters, something I’m actually very much looking forward to. I’m very excited to work with the faculty and other Ph.D. students and be a part of what from my visit appears to be a very warm, collegial atmosphere.

As you might imagine, Karisa and I are extremely excited for this new chapter in our lives. Given the difficulty of getting into funded Ph.D. programs anywhere, the fact that I was accepted at UVA, which is such a strong program and is so near to Karisa’s family, is a real miracle. Dan Wallace deserves a lot of credit as an outstanding faculty mentor without whose support and personal investment my application would have been maybe half as strong. Leaving friends in Dallas will certainly be difficult, but we are looking forward to everything Charlottesville has to offer (including, but not limited to: mountains, seasons, Bodo’s Bagels, proximity to DC, Christian’s Pizza, joining the Hoo Crew, being near VA family and friends).


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