2016 Year in Review

2016 was a slow year on the blogging and publication fronts, with only my review of James McConnell’s recent monograph on divine testimony in Luke-Acts appearing in Review of Biblical Literature. But, behind the scenes, it was in fact a very productive year. Thanks to my incredible advisors, I was able to finish my dissertation, The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit: Prosopological Exegesis and the Development of Pre-Nicene Pneumatology, weighing in at just over 300 pages. The manuscript is currently working its way through external review; I’ve been told my defense will likely be scheduled for summer of this coming year at Radboud.

With that enormous task behind me, I’m looking to get a couple of spin-off articles to journals in the next month or so. The first examines the influence of Gnosticism on Irenaeus’ understanding of the Spirit’s role in the divine economy; the second looks at how this same topic is further developed by Tertullian in light of his Montanist inclinations. In both instances, we have interesting evidence of the “heretical” roots of “orthodox” pneumatology. Hopefully at least one of these will appear in print by the end of 2017. Beyond that, I might tackle a book review or two when I’m not working on revising my dissertation for publication and, you know, working my real job and helping raise two small children!

Thanks again to all who have provided love, support, and encouragement in 2016! Here’s to a great 2017.




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